176: The Tree of Life (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 3)

The Vision of the Tree of Life


Got fruit?

Nephi, Lehi, and Joseph Smith’s father experienced similar visions. How can we understand and discuss these visions in an engaged way? How can we partake of and share the love of God?

Meredith and Trent provide a rewarding discussion.


Class Member Reading: 1 Nephi 8–11; 12:16–18; 15



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You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF).



EGD 170: God is Love

Official Church statement on Heavenly Mother

Heavenly Mother and the Tree of Life; Mormon Women Project: Our Cooperative Ministry Lesson 3

Joseph Smith, Sr’s Vision of the Tree of Life; Meridian Magazine

What does Mary have to do with the Tree of Life; Meridian Magazine


Thanks to Devin Roth for the bumper music and for Trent Oliphant for doing double duty participating and editing the discussion!

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