255: Brigham Young and the Succession; D&C and Church History 33

President Brigham Young Leads the Saints

This episode addresses the topic of prophetic succession in the Mormon tradition as well as the complex character of Brigham Young. The lesson and discussion cover the following topics:

  • The effects of Joseph Smith’s death on the membership
  • The various modes of succession that Joseph discussed (unknown to the Church at large) and the confusion that resulted
  • Brigham and Emma’s relationship and the departure of Joseph’s family from the followers of Brigham Young
  • The wives of Joseph Smith being divided among other leaders, especially Brigham and Heber Kimball
  • Systems of succession in the LDS Church and Community of Christ, Seniority vs. Heredity
  • The defunct office of Presiding Patriarch (ended in 1979)
  • The idea of prophetic “mantle”
  • How should we evaluate Brigham Young’s legacy as prophet?

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Class Member Reading: Doctrine and Covenants 107:22–24; Joshua 1:1–5; 2 Kings 2:8–15; Jacob 1:12, 18–19

Additional Teacher Reading: Exodus 16:12–15


Church historian Devery Anderson leads a discussion with Cami, Konden, and John.

You can access the Assigned Reading Here


Recommended Resources

Many thanks to Devin Roth for the beautiful bumper music. Check out his arrangement of hymns and other work at DevinRothMusic!

Thanks to James Estrada of Oak Street Audio for his quality post-production, and especially to Devery Anderson for taking charge of this episode. And a special thanks to Chuck McKinnon for getting the site to work again!

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