260.1: Providing for ourselves and each other (D&C Gospel Doctrine Lesson 38, Updated)

“In Mine Own Way”

What image comes to mind when we talk about “caring  for the poor and needy”? Probably something like feeding the homeless or a destitute family in Africa. Those people are poor and needy of course, but focusing on such individuals distracts us from the truth that all of us are wealthy in some ways, poor in others, and all of us are in need. This episode invites us to take an inventory of our resources–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial; become wise stewards of our resources, and then care for others as we can.


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You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF).

Global Wealth Distribution, Business Insider

The high price of being poor, Economist

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Latest Comments

  1. Dave says:

    I had to stop listening to this podcast. It was sounding like an extended plea for donations. The discussion may have eventually resolved itself into a gospel topic but after listening to more than half it didn’t seem to be going anywhere else. We normally enjoy the podcasts but my wife and I felt the same way about this episode.


    • Jared Anderson says:


      I sincerely would like to know, why does me asking for support for the podcast turn you off from listening? I asked for donations because I need them to support the hours I put into the podcast and to meet my expenses. I honestly talked about my finances because I was modeling the approach to sustainable use of resources that I was suggesting for this episode (which was the gospel topic in question).

      Finances are a very difficult topic–straight up taboo, as I mentioned in the episode. I offer the podcast for free, and probably about 1% of listeners support the thousands who listen. It is rare that I engage in an “extended plea” as you put it. I’m interested in understanding your perspective and feelings.

      You can listen to the remaining episodes and be assured that there won’t be any “extended pleas for donations”, just the normal amount.


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