270.3: Of God and Humans (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 1, Study Notes)

“This Is My Work and My Glory”

This lesson only covers thirty-nine verses, but contains profound doctrine. Specifically, these verses illuminate the nature of God, humanity, revelation, and the Plan of Salvation.



III. Study Notes

  • Value of the Book of Moses
  • What is the Joseph Smith translation?
  • Relationship of Moses to history
  • Comments on Satan
  • Nature of the Old Testament


Class Reading: Moses 1:1-39

Additional Reading: None

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Join a rich discussion with Jessica, Jody, and Colby


You can access my Lesson Notes here.

You can access the Annotated Reading here.


Timeline (Thanks to Brian Dillman for putting these together)



OT origins via culture/history


Discussion Part 3

Book of Moses inspired by King James Version (Parallel to Matthew 4)

Reading the Old Testament

Anachronistic Satan





Thanks to William Newman, James Estrada, and Trent Oliphant for post-production and to Steven Nelson for the bumper music.



Latest Comments

  1. Carl Gordon Pyper says:

    RE: “I would rather throw scripture under the bus than God.” Right! The Bible is NOT God. And, by the way, the Church is NOT God.


  2. Carl Gordon Pyper says:

    ???!! It appears that the reality of Satan is being discounted in this discussion; his person, presence, method/exploitation, and objective. I have four pages of single-spaced notes and (mainly) direct Bible quotations regarding the nature of Satan.

    I do not see, nor have I observed, “The devil made me do it” attitude prevalent among any individual practicing Christians, including LDS Christians, or Christian organization.

    Satan is an ever-present opportunist, who neither creates anything nor gives anything of value, whose “power”/influence is null and void to anyone who makes conscious decisions to pursue a life of enjoyment of the immense pleasures of virtue.


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