383.2: Aug 9; Freedom and War (Come Follow Me BoM Week 32, Reissued)

With this lesson we march into the “War chapters” of Alma. Sometimes it seems readers of the Book of Mormon don’t know quite what to do with these twenty odd chapters, but there are many important lessons and intriguing details we can glean.

Reading: Alma 43-52

Highlights of this lesson include:

  • Important themes about motivation (which are not always so simple as they seem)
  • Observations about covenants and honor.
  • We spend time with amazing people (Teancum and above all Moroni)
  • and one pretty terrible one, Amalickiah
  • Look for some interesting details about Alma’s family, a reward of close reading “connecting the dots”
  • Preparation is a key theme
  • Reflections on coercion and freedom, and the ethics of war

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Look forward to an engaging discussion with EmilyGeoffDorothy and Ryan.

You can access my Lesson Notes here.

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