384.2: Aug 9; Ethics and War (Come Follow Me BoM Week 33, Reissued)

The Book of Alma concludes with a bang as we read of wars of multiple fronts and severe internal turmoil and dissent. We can learn a great deal from the behavior of Moroni, Helaman, and their armies. And of course we can’t forget the 2000 stripling warriors and their mothers! There are several embedded letters in these accounts, from which we can draw many lessons. Look for an underappreciated gem in Pahoran’s response to Moroni, which provides a powerful model of interpersonal communication, trust, and conflict resolution.

Reading: Alma 53-63

Look forward to an engaging discussion with DanielleJaredAmanda and Jason.

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You can access my Lesson Notes here.

Read an important and plausible interpretation of the Stripling Warriors story by a member of the military here. http://rationalfaiths.com/war/

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