392: Gathering and Scattering (Come Follow Me, BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 41)

Am I correct in concluding that these chapters fall in that category of scripture that most members read without comprehension? When we think “Isaiah chapters” 2 Nephi comes to mind, but 3 Nephi has its share as well, with some Micah thrown in.

These chapters in brief talk about how in the latter days Israel (including the descendants of the Nephites) will overthrow the Gentiles if they don’t repent. If you noticed that was in the Book of Mormon, well done.

In this lesson we will explore

  • How we can apply these chapters as individuals and societies–in this scriptural choose your own adventure, are we moving towards Zion or destruction?
  • The idea of “salvation history” including its presentation in the Book of Mormon
  • The role of “Israel and Gentiles” in the last days
  • Conditional prophecies and promises in these chapters
  • Worship: the sacrament and prayer
  • The Biblical context of these passages

Join JessicaEmilyBrian and Michael for a thoughtful discussion.

Reading: 3 Nephi 16; 20-21

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You can access my Lesson Notes here.

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