392.2: All Things Revealed (Come Follow Me, BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 41, Part 2)

These chapters function as a sermon and reflection about the scriptures. Jesus quotes from Isaiah 54 and Malachi 3-4. He recommends the writings of Isaiah and urges Nephi to supplement his own records. Then in a bittersweet twist, we are excluded from the climax of the story–Mormon tells us that Jesus reveals all things, that the mouths of children and infants are opened and they also teach the people. But he is forbidden to record these sublime teachings even though he wanted to.

In addition to going over the meaning of these quotes both in their Book of Mormon and Biblical context, we will take this opportunity to explore the question of scripture. What is scripture? What are the implications of our “open canon”? Can we have personal scripture? How do activities like journal writing and family history tie in? Oh, and we talk a bit about the end of the world and tithing too.

Join an engaged discussion with EmilyWhitneyMichael and Jeff.

Class Reading: 3 Nephi 22-26

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You can access my Lesson Notes here.

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