396: Journey to the Promised Land (BoM Come Follow Me Week 45)

In this lesson we get to discuss the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon (which made up the bulk of the plates as Joseph described them)! What is contained in the sealed portion? What can we learn from the instructions regarding how to access them?

We are going to examine these chapters on several levels.

  • Theological: The insights we gain from the brother of Jared’s amazing interaction with the pre-mortal Jesus, especially regarding the relationship between personal responsibility and divine assistance
  • Allegorical: How we can apply the narrative of the Jaredite journey to our own lives
  • Historical: How do these chapters relate to the Bible? If the Biblical narratives turn out not to be historical, what does that do to the Book of Mormon?

Other points of discussion include the importance of adversity and the idea of everything good as part of Mormonism.

GwenevereDave, and Lisa join the class.

Reading: Ether 1-5

You can access my Lesson Notes here

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