397: Nov 22-29; An Eye of Faith (BoM Come Follow Me Week 46)

This lesson contains one of the crown jewels of the Book of Mormon–the sublime verse on weakness and strength in 12:27.   There are other gems worthy of study, discussion, and application in this chapter. We have the idea that we can be the angels whom God uses to answer prayers, and Moroni comments on how God speaks to us within our language and limitations (12:39; cf. 2 Ne. 31:3), and of course his treatise on faith.

We also have the story of another civilizational collapse: through generations of political intrigue, captivity and war the Jaredites destroy themselves. Other points include the New Jerusalem in Ether 13 and once again the relationship between the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

Open your hearts and prepare yourselves for an amazing and vulnerable conversation with JessicaAaronBrooke and William. It will touch your heart and may change your life.

Reading: Ether 6-11 (7-15 covered in this episode)

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You can access my Lesson Notes here

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